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With all watersports, it’s best to learn under the guidance of an experienced and qualified coach. They can make sure your introduction to the sport is fun and safe and- added bonus- signpost you to the best clubs and paddling routes in your area. Find coaches local to you.

When paddling on the tidal Thames (also known as the tideway), all river users must follow the Tideway Code to keep themselves and others safe. Whilst some stretches of the tideway might not look busy at certain times, it is key to remember that it is a navigable port with a huge variety of activity, from stand-up paddleboarders to high speed boats and commercial ships. It is the busiest inland waterway in the UK.

What’s the Tideway like for canoeing and kayaking?

West of Putney Bridge, the tidal Thames is at its calmest. East of Putney Bridge the river becomes increasingly sea-like, so sea kayaks are most commonly used. There are plenty of inland spaces to enjoy the water too – check out our map of clubs and Paddle Points, on the Go Paddling website.

Where can I find out more?

British Canoeing have a huge amount of information freely available to paddlers, and their membership offer gives you even more access to the paddling community, resource and advice. There are over 50 paddling clubs in London. Canoe London has an excellent list, and plenty of free information too.

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